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We know that the landscape in Butte can become pretty rugged, but that shouldn’t get in the way of having a quality well. We have the right mix of knowledge and contemporary technology to drill on nearly any type of terrain. We use Foremost DR-12 or DR- 24 drills that dig and case wells at the same time. This workhorse equipment ensures our water contractors can get the job done fast.

AK Drilling, Inc has over two decades of knowledge in well drilling and we’ve successfully drilled on difficult properties in many different kinds of weather conditions in Butte. We can drill wells for commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications as well as geothermal, irrigation and domestic wells.

How Does the Drilling Process Work?

Water well drilling begins with a total assessment of the area to be drilled. After you choose the best location for your water well, we start drilling, employing state-of-the-art methods. When the necessary GPM (gallons per minute) is reached we start to case the water well. The GPM is different depending on the area and surroundings we drill. Well casing supports the edges of the well so that it doesn’t break while preventing pollutants from entering the water.

Why Use AK Drilling, Inc. for Your Water Contractor?

We’re dedicated to our employees and clients in Butte, so we always work hard to ensure that our sites are as safe as possible. We perform regularly scheduled, on-site safety inspections of both our drilling team and equipment. We created a Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Plan so we can ensure every work site we have is healthy, safe and environmentally conscious.

The technology we use is the best and we get it upgraded regularly to stay relevant. The equipment we work with easily lends itself to making the most efficient yields that are possible. Our team helps lower time spent and cost by employing a wide variety of methods and technologies. Learn more about our water well drilling services and speak with a member of our staff today. To learn more, call AK Drilling, INC. from Butte, MT at (406) 782-8506 today.


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